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Retina & Macula Specialists

Welcome to the practice of Retina & Macula Specialists.  Our expertise is in providing excellent care for the back of the eye.  We work with your personal eye care provider to bring you state-of-the art treatment in a caring atmosphere.  Our philosophy is to always place our patients first, and we want to you understand your diagnosis and recommended treatment.  Retina conditions may be complex, so we will provide detailed information to help you become educated about your condition.


We currently offer our patients online services, these services include secured access to your own records,  online appointment scheduling, medication renewals, and more.

If you are currently a patient at Retina & Macula Specialists and interested in enrolling for these services, please contact our office to inquire about obtaining your personal identification number (PIN).


If you would like additional information regarding Retina & Macula Specialists please visit our website at www.retina-macula.com, or contact us at (800) 909-5959 and one of our knowledgeable associates will be happy to assist with any questions you may have.